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The objective: My objective was to find out if music affected plant growth and if so, how?


First I ordered 50 fast plant seeds for the experiment. Then I built four boxes out of plywood and I fitted sound proof foam insulation.

I planted the fast plant seeds in black planters and put together the reservoirs for watering.

I put a planter and reservoir in each box with a CD player out front and headphones inside with the plants. Everyday for twenty days I checked on the plants and recorded their growth.


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Silence grew the best and healthiest followed by spoken word (Harry Potter). Classical music (Vivaldi concertos) ended up just under spoken word.

Bringing up the rear was a very small and unhealthy plant that was 'listening' to heavy metal and (harsh) world music (Mudvayne and Rammstein).


From my twenty days of information gathering I have drawn the conclusion that all music/spoken word affects plant growth negatively. Some plants were affected more negatively than others. So I can just repeat an old saying, 'Silence is golden.'

The project was to find how music and spoken word affect plant growth.

Science Fair Project done By LeeAnn A. Patrick